Kansai Altan Color Office was established in August 2018 with 5 color R&D employees. Each year, Color Office members conduct research studies on color trends in different mediums, combine the acquired data with their color knowledge accumulated over the years thus putting forth the color trends with production feasibility. 

The Color Office team has developed over time since its establishment. Hence, color trends could be observed in many different fields of business such as automotive, plastic, commercial vehicle coatings presenting them to our customers with a global perspective. Color preferences may vary significantly subject to cultural differences and areas of application. For this purpose, it is of critical importance to have the correct perspective for the target customer. 

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  • Merve Samiye KİRAZLI

    Merve Samiye KİRAZLI

    Graduated from Middle East Technical University Chemical Engineering Department in 2006. Completed her master’s degree in the same field in Ege University. Color R&D Laboratory Manager and one of the founders of Color Office. Has a professional coating and color experience of over 15 years in Automotive Coatings, General Industrial Metal and Plastic coatings, Wood Coatings, Automotive Coatings, Coil Coatings and Vehicle Refinishes. 

    Highly experienced in pigment chemicals, color formulation preparation, visual and instrumental color assessment and color problem solutions. Fully authorized in giving color approvals to a wide range of color formulations. Well-versed in the mathematical theory of color and texture difference, color measurement techniques, equipment and software. Expert in researching color trends, concept formation, designing new colors with innovative materials and processes, developing color tools (prototypes, catalogues, posters, digital twins and presentation) to work on color marketing and organizing workshop studies for color launches to customers. 

  • Gülşen KOCAMAN

    Gülşen KOCAMAN

    Thanks to her deep interest in positive sciences, she graduated from Middle East Technical University with an undergraduate degree focused on Chemistry. Started working at Kansai Altan as her first workplace after her graduation. A Color Expert with experience in the color matching projects for a wide range of sectors such as Automotive Coatings, General Industry Coatings, Automotive Metallic and Plastic Coatings and Vehicle Refinishes. Lays out the foundation for color matching, color design and marketing and project management studies. 

    Gained experience in experimental design, problem solving, qualitative, analytical and critical thinking skills throughout the 10 years that she has been working actively. Highly experienced in ISO Standards and Kaizen and she takes part in related projects when a certified inspector and educated first aid expert is required. Proficient in frequently used skills such as creativity, strong leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills due to the management of projects in Color R&D lab, following-up of trends and color design studies in cooperation with the Color Office team and responsibilities related to Quality Management System. 

  • Emre ONGAN

    Emre ONGAN

    Alumni of Middle East Technical University Chemical Engineering and Haliç University Computer Engineering departments. Assistant manager at Color R&D Lab and one of the founding members of Color Office. Has 9 years of experience in the fields of Automotive Coatings, Automotive Plastic Part Coatings and Car Refinishes.

    Has extensive knowledge especially on visual and numerical assessment of colors with effects, color formulation development, problem solving and elimination, color measurement devices and their mathematical modelling. Experienced in the use and coding of color formulation and design software. Expert in customer relations both as an R&D technical staff member and as a designer in addition to significant experience in color design, market research for color trends and customer presentations. 



    Graduated from Ege University Chemical Engineering department in 2014 and started working at Kansai Altan Process Laboratory in the same year. Has been working at the Color Research Lab since 2017. Completed her master’s degree on nano grinding in 2019. Responsible from aqueous and/or solvent based pigment paste for Automotive, General Industrial and Coil Coatings sectors. Experienced in dispersion technology, dispersion equipment, pigment chemicals, wetting and dispersion agents. 

    Responsible from the dosage machines and coloring systems under the Kemicolor brand developed for Kansai Altan General Industrial Coatings distributors. IS0 9001 inspector, certified in ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System and repeats trainings for every update in the system. Took active part in design and Process FMEA activities. Since 2018, she has been continuing to carry out trend studies with a strong teamwork as part of Color Office in addition to reflecting the trends of the year to the color formulations that meet the requirements of the sector. 

  • Ahmet HOCAOĞLU

    Ahmet HOCAOĞLU

    Graduated from Mersinli Technical High School Chemistry Department in 1999. Completed his education at Veterinary Medicine and Laboratory Health department in 2004. Has 20 years of experience with Kansai Altan and AkzoNobel Kemipol in fields such as General Industrial Coatings, Coil Coatings, Automotive Coatings, Automotive Parts Coatings and Vehicle Refinishes. 

    Well versed in providing support to the problems and projects related with color matching and production line issues in addition to designing color pastes and installation of color machinery used in distributors. Experienced in keeping up with new developments in cooperation with the Color Office team, conducting research studies to design new colors and presenting them to the customers.