Scandinavian blue; the union between youthfulness and maturity. It creates serene and natural environments in interior spaces. Evoking a sense of belonging, it makes you feel connected to the design from time immemorial, and always special.

Blurry Mermaid can be integrated with sustainable materials such as marble and emphasizes natural art in designs. It aims to protect the future with the special pigments it contains, inviting simplicity and durability into our lives. Incorporating metallic appearance into the color design, it transforms the color from its traditional roots thus adding a modern twist. This makes it suitable for contemporary designs bringing along the excitement of using something new, while also providing comforting feelings of familiarity and confidence.




This color reflects the distinctive power and integrity of nature and rocks. Its serene transition evokes feelings of tranquility and it seamlessly blends with other colors in the color palette of the same natural ecosystem, creating harmonious scenery.

It has transformed into a warm hue with a red undertone to add a cozy ambiance to respectable and luxurious designs. Color transitions on curved surfaces provide a different sensation at every angle.



Honesty and truth find their way in darkness. In the automotive industry, where lighting has become increasingly important, it is inevitable for designs to incorporate vibrant colors.

The tone will inspire courage, while its combination with dark tones in two-tone vehicles will reveal a sense of rebellion and authenticity. It creates an incredibly strong chroma with its ease of application and low paint consumption.

dragon lady



The chromatic hue of purple carries the creativity and imaginery imagination into our ordinary lives. It is a selected tone of inspirational and original designs that are far from traditional and beyond the known.

The holographic effect is as stunning as nature, and the travel of light from transparent to opaque layer provides a deep shade like candy. It seeks admiration and values uniqueness, individuality, and independence, rather than conforming to the crowd.



This light metallic gray shade reflects the notion of polishing our world like a mirror. Simple yet profound, the formula captures the essence of sustainability for automotive designs.

Within the flawless appearance of this color, there exists a hint of nature, a breath of air, and a whisper of unmatched hope. This metallic gray is where we see the light of a world where everything is done right. Embracing this color brings us closer to a brighter and more eco-friendly future.

cloud danger



Green is “the new neutral” by encouraging the use of sustainable materials and technologies. The Olea family has evergreen plants and has always been feel-positive from history to present. The “Olea” is a modern and acidic color with an upbeat vibe.

This “oil green” tone can be paired with neutrals and pastels for a flexible approach to promoting wellness. Or; play up its energy with other bright shades for energizing directions. This color has a unique pigment technology that offers excellent hiding power with mono-coat applications, which is an unexpected phenomenon for this particular color tone. Due to this, both feasible and modern-look designs can be made on vehicle body.