Soul of Time



It is neither a fight, nor a war. It is the victory of nature, won long ago. We can witness its victory on the glitters of pebbles in a river, in the blue eyes of an arctic wolf or on the rust of an antique copper pot.
  • Morpho Bronze

    Morpho Bronze

    Velvety beauty on morpho
    butterfly, a symbol of
    freedom and harmony with

  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

    Calm and graceful – silky
    luster of pearls with
    modest rose gold.

  • Raw Copper

    Shiny metallic appearance
    with the energy of orange to
    create a striking design.


    Raw Copper
  • Desert Wind

    The glow of crystals in
    the sand waving with
    the desert wind, for cool designs.


    Desert Wind


Day and night


Life is so valuable to miss any second. Like many artists, we enjoy the energy from the sun and power from the moon to make our dreams real.
We want our environment to emit energy and power as we do. Gold and silver tones are the best ones inspired from sun, from moon and thus, from us.
  • Secret Galaxy

    Secret Galaxy

    Feeling so powerful
    jump into the unknown
    with a mystic design.

  • Solar Flare

    Solar Flare

    Gorgeous and miraculous-
    Smooth color travel with
    glowing pearls, like solar

  • Cosmic Harmony

    Moonlight in space
    communicates with the
    universe appearing in a
    magical color.

    Cosmic Harmony
  • Solar Wind

    Release the supernatural
    energy of a soul with the
    life-giving power of the sun.

    Solar Wind


Record keeping



How much petroleum did your car consume last month, what did you order for dinner, or what was your last search in google? There are no secrets anymore. Every data recorded in devices are the footprints of the future. Is it terrifying or amazing?
  • Electrofire


    Electric current travels
    in the air turning
    bright red with shades of blue.
    Eye catching, just like a fire.


  • Crber Dream

    Cyber Dream

    The seeds of technology
    are dreams, revealing the
    metaphysical aspect of the
    cyber word.

  • Artificial Ocean

    Greenish blue takes us from
    the depth of the ocean dragging us over
    to virtual reality.



    Artificial Ocean
  • Night Stars

    Blue stars give their
    radiance to infinity black
    space for noble designs.



    Night Stars


Element of life



In the chaos of life, we can hear the whispers of mother nature. One who listens to the songs of the ocean, finds peace in its greatness. With these colors, we are thrown back to the origins of life, where it all began from. 
  • Water Green

    Water Green

    Clear waters bear another
    life on earth, bring clarity
    to our minds with waves
    of wisdom.

  • Cotton White

    Cotton White

    Tinted white, free like
    clouds in a spring day,
    full of hope.

  • Indigo Blue

    Color of deep sea and outer
    space-both still undiscovered
    and fascinating.

    Indigo Blue
  • Pearl Snow

    Snowflakes glides in the
    sky, gorgeously reflecting
    the sunlight.

    Pearl Snow