What can better represent the hybridization of life than "grey" as the center of all colors?


  • Rose Gold

    Bring It

    Energetic but soft orange tone gives fashion a retro breeze. Dresses, cars and objects reminiscent of old but gold times. The ease with which it appeals to the eye sets “Bring it” apart. 
  • Mint Tea

     The fresh mint color in our living quarters brings back memories of nature to our weary minds.

    Raw Copper
  • Chillax

    Choosing to be alone may sometimes be liberating. The serenity of blue symbolizes the yearning for individuality in our intertwined lives.
    Desert Wind




    Gone are the days of stereotypical rules forced on the fashion industry… People are now realizing that the beauty standards forced upon us are phony and unrealistic thus moving on towards the more natural.
  • Rose Gold

    Mystic Forest

    As we continue to distance ourselves from crowded activities, our minds look for new opportunities to daydream. The Mystic Forest is a perfect setting for such a bold adventure. 
  • L'essence de Jonquille

    Yellow is the energy of life and is related to the gleam of the gods; used by kings and queens for opulence. A tone that makes you embark on an optimistic and intuitive journey. 
    Raw Copper
  • Water Glow

    A reassuring sense of harmony and connection with nature infuses your consciousness with the serene and glamorous tones of blue. 


    Desert Wind